Ruff Cuts Pet Spa


Our grooming service consists of a full haircut 
from nose to tail, usually using scissors and clippers.          Grooming Services at Ruff Cuts includes:

  • Full Bath & Nail Service 
  • Haircut to your liking, you decide exactly how you want your pet to look.
  • Ear cleaning and ear plucking (if needed)
  • Expression of anal glands 

Our Services

Bath ​
A bath is included in all of our services and                    
helps maintains the appearance and hygiene                    
Bath & Nail Services at Ruff Cuts includes:

  • Premium shampoos and fine conditioners
  • Blow dry
  • Full brushing out
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning
  • Expression of anal glands

Our Services

All of our prices are based by breed, but there are factors that may affect the final cost such as the condition of the animal's coat, the length of the animal's hair, the size of the pet, as well as the disposition of the animal. We would be glad to give you a quote and we welcome your inquiries. ​

Your dog or cat will look cleaner, healthier, and happier!

Other Grooming and Spa Options
De-shedding: $10 and up. (rejuvenates the coat)
De-matting: $10 and up.
Teeth brushing: $5
Nail trimming: $15 (but included with any bath or haircut)